Hungry Jack Outfitters can provide you with everything you need for paddling and camping in the Boundary Waters or Quetico Park.

Even if you just need a light Kevlar canoe and some good advice, we can help. All our customers get trip-planning assistance, permit reservations, and friendly service.

Complete Outfitting Packages

Complete outfitting provides you with everything you need for a wilderness canoe trip, from planning and permits to hot showers at the end. All trips are custom-planned for your group.

We recommend a complete package for those who have not been to the area or do not have much experience in wilderness travel. Many of our guests use complete outfitting simply because it is easy and we always have the latest gear ready and waiting for them when they arrive.

You bring only clothing and some personal gear, and we take care of the rest.  Here’s a list of what’s included with complete outfitting.   You will receive a checklist with specific suggestions about clothing and personal items that we find to be worth their weight.

Complete Outfitting with kevlar canoes
Rates per Person

Calendar Days Kevlar Canoes
3 $350
4 $440
5 $525
6 $600
7 $660
each day over 7 days + $80
Special discounts for completely outfitted parties only (one per person)

  • 25% discount for children 16 and under, with two adult rates.
  • 10% discount for returning guests.
  • 10% discount for groups of six or more people.

Please note:

  • All rates are per person for the whole trip.
  • Days are calendar days on the water.
  • One overnight at our base before your trip and showers after are also included with complete outfitting.
  • Fishing licenses and Canadian camping fees (if applicable) are not included.
  • We also have a special package for the solo traveler.

Food-and-Canoe Packages

The food-and-canoe packages are for people who have most of their own camping gear.

We take care of the food, which is the most time-consuming and difficult thing to organize. Then we put it all in an insulated food pack so it’s easy to find. And we provide a canoe, paddles, flotation jackets, a room the night you arrive with breakfast in the morning, and trip routing.

The food-and-canoe packages also include our clean-up kit and bear-rope system. You provide all your own camping gear and maps.

Food and Canoe Only
Rates per Person

Calendar Days
3 $210
4 $265
5 $320
6 $370
7 $420
each, over 7 + $60

We can add other gear from our Partial Outfitting list below.

Partial Outfitting: Canoes and Equipment

Equipment rentals of 7 days or more get one free day.Repeat customers receive a 5% discount on canoes.

More-experienced travelers may want to opt for a partial package, selecting the items they need from the list below.

Transport to most Gunflint Trail entry points is included. Transport to other entries is available.

Tow service to Quetico Park $78 round trip per person.

Fishing licenses are available in our store.

All rates below are per calendar day — no half-days.


All canoe rentals include portage yoke, paddles, flotation vests, and trip routing.

Bent-shaft wooden paddles are included with Kevlar canoes.

Canoe Rental Rates
We-no-nah or Souris River Kevlar canoes (40 to 45 lb.) $46
We-no-nah Minnesota III, Seneca or Bell Northshore (55 lb.) three-person Kevlar canoe $55
We-no-nah Prism Kevlar solo canoe (35 lb.) $30


Equipment Rental Rates
Tents–Eureka Timberline
    Medium (sleeps 2 or 3) $16
    Large (sleeps 4 or 5) $18
Sleeping bag, freshly laundered $8
Therm-a-rest sleeping pad $4
Full length Therm-a-rest $6
Traditional style Duluth packs: #3, #3.5, or #4 $6
Cook kit with utensils, per party (must be returned clean) $8
Propane stoves – 2 burner $8
Propane stoves – 1 burner $5
Food only in a pack $50/person/day

Other items in our complete outfit are available at reasonable daily rates.

Bunkrooms and Breakfast

We have private rooms for guests needing a place to stay before or after their trip. Each room has bunk beds for up to four or six. Rooms also have a table and chairs, lights and electricity. Shower and toilets facilities are in a separate building. Pets are allowed in the bunk rooms. All our buildings are smoke free.

Bunkhouse and Breakfast Rates
Private bunkhouse rooms, including showers and towels, per person $20
Breakfast, delivered to your room $6

Our breakfast includes freshly baked blueberry muffins, cereal, milk, orange juice, and coffee, tea, or cocoa. Breakfasts are delivered to your room in a basket at 7:00 AM or later.

Large Bunk Rooms

Large Bunk Rooms


Wash Up Area

Wash Up Area




Group Rates

For complete outfitting we will discount our rate as follows:

  • 6 to 11 people: deduct 10%
  • 12 to more people: deduct 25%

For partial outfitting and for food-and-canoe packages, we will discount prices by 10% for groups of 12 or more.

Guided Trips

Most of our guests have a safe, enjoyable trip without guides. A guide is certainly not required. After all, canoe camping is not rocket science, and the human body is better suited to camping than to sitting behind a desk.

There are some people who would prefer added service, extra help, or simply the opportunity to learn more or find more fish. A guide can provide that help. We work with several local guides and can arrange guided trips for your party.

Going solo?

This is a great way to experience the wilderness that offers unique rewards and challenges. Traveling alone requires some additional skills and is not for total beginners. If you have some previous experience in the woods, it can be very satisfying.

We have special lightweight canoes and gear for the solo traveler. For complete outfitting, our regular complete-outfitting rates apply.

This package includes a We-no-nah solo Kevlar canoe weighing 32 lb., special tent and pack, and extra-light gear. For our larger solo paddlers, or those concentrating on fishing, we use the Souris River 16′ Quetico as a solo boat. It weighs a few pounds more but handles a much bigger load and is very stable.

Reservations, Deposits, and Policies


We feel that reservations are best taken over the telephone. Part of what makes us special is providing personal service. Our guests are our friends, too. You don’t want a cookie-cutter trip, so we need to know a bit about you and your group. Tell us about what your group wants to find in the wilderness.

Call for reservations from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Central time: 800 / 648-2922.

Payments and Policies

All prices are for the 2015 season, and are subject to Minnesota and local sales tax.

Deposits: Minimum deposit is $100. For complete-outfitting packages and food-and-canoe packages, we require a deposit of $100 per person. For partial outfitting, we require $50 per canoe and a $50 per permit reservation with a minimum of $100. Deposits must be received before we will make permit reservations for your trip.

Payment: To avoid misunderstanding, we request payment of balance due when you arrive to begin your trip. Our confirmation letter to you will summarize your bill. We will be happy to accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash or traveler’s checks.

Cancellation Policy: If notice is given 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be refunded minus $25 and nonrefundable permit fees.

Early Returns: We’re sorry, but we cannot refund for early trip returns.

Valuables: We cannot be responsible for your valuables, electronic devices, or computers while you are out on your trip.